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The summer holidays are a time to look up at the starry sky. But where to turn our gaze in this infinite space? BBC invites you to discover every week throughout the summer, a particular astronomical phenomenon. Constellations, meteor showers, galaxies, the sky is filled with treasures just waiting to unfold.

In the last episode of this summer series, we return to the Big Dipper as we mentioned in the first column. If the seven main stars are almost universal constellation, it is not necessarily the same name everywhere. The great western pan to the man who turns Indian, small around the world


To make the most of the sky, the ideal is to find a place bleak, with uncluttered horizon. Light pollution (nearby houses, car headlights, street lights, etc..) Severely limits the number of visible stars. A map of France with light pollution. Equip yourself with a small flashlight to move and blanket if the night is cool. It will take about ten minutes for your eyes to fully acclimatize to the darkness. You can then distinguish a large number of stars.

If you find an area where your phone can connect to 3G, some applications can greatly simplify your task. For users of Android - free - offers a real-time map. When you point your phone at a patch of sky, the application recognizes the star that you are aiming for and identify constellations. Typing the name of the object you are looking for (Mars, Jupiter, a galaxy, etc.)., The phone guides you with arrows that you will find the area of ​​the sky where the sun discover in question. Very convenient. Free competitor offers the same service, with more options, still on Android.

No free equivalent to 2.69 on the iphone unfortunately, offering the same benefits however with an interface much more successful. All objects in the sky include clickable. A real plus. On Windows phone, the application (free) is a celestial map, which also follows the movements of the smartphone, but its interface is in English.

Finally, you can prepare your output on your computer the available on Linux, Mac and pC. This is the interface that we used for the video above. Very complete, it allows to visualize the evolution of the sky depending on the time and exactly where you are, while simulating the masking effect of light pollution. Many options as possible to conduct virtual explorations with binoculars and telescopes.

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