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High Performance Schools: Far Beyond the Three R’s!

High Tech High Chula Vista is California’s First CHPS Verified School

By: Rich Moore - Friday, June 17, 2011

Architecture and green building pioneer Bob Kobet of The Kobet Collaborative earlier this year converted us into vocal advocates of the high performance green schools movement. During discussions with him prior to the School & College Building Expo in Chicago in April, 12-15, we got a full dose of what is and isn’t a high performance green school:

‘I’m passionate about integrating human ecology, natural ecology and building ecology into the curriculum of a school. That’s what it takes to be considered a high performance green school,’ said Kobet.

The high performance green schools movement kicked into high gear in 2007 with the formation of the Green Schools Caucus which today is one of the largest bipartisan efforts in the US House of Representatives.

Another leading voice in this movement is Bill Orr, Executive Director of CHPS, the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, a non-profit organization dedicated to making schools better places to learn and enhancing students’ entire educational experience. CHPS has created a deep library of resources to help schools, districts and states better understand the connection between sustainable design and healthy educational environments and improved teacher and student performance. The group has also established criteria for CHPS-qualifying schools. High Tech High Chula Vista, in Chula Vista, CA, a public charter school of 550 students in grades 9 -12, is the state’s first CHPS-Verified School. Watch the video below for more insight into this school and their high performance school project, its design criteria, and goals. 
For more insight into high performance schools and CHPS, check out this FAQ:

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