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EnviroTRAZ | Green Building Product

When comparing finish options for floors over 2,000 square feet, cost-efficiency, maintenance, durability, aesthetics and health/safety issues all factor into the equation. Today, facility owners and managers, designers and architects are joining the dialogue on environmental sustainability as well.

Seamless, colorful EnviroTRAZ is one finish that meets all the criteria.  EnviroGLAS brings the ancient craft of Terrazzo into the 21st century by combining lightweight epoxy resin with multi-colored glass chips from discarded bottles, mirrors and plate windows and porcelain chips from discarded toilets, sinks and tubs to achieve a surface harder than traditional marble Terrazzo. Beautiful, environmentally friendly and cost effective, EnviroTRAZ is the ideal application for long-term asset buildings. Click here for a printable PDF about the EnviroGLAS product line.

“I really like EnviroTRAZ because once it’s in, I know it’s going to be there forever, looking great,” says Michael Kawecki, Project Manager and LEED Accredited Professional for the City of Dallas. Kawecki says marble terrazzo long has been known for its durability and low maintenance requirements, two key sustainability factors. “But,” he adds, “I prefer using EnviroTRAZ over typical marble terrazzo since the source materials are readily available locally, and it helps offset the amount of glass being sent to our landfills.”


EnviroTRAZ recycled glass and porcelain Terrazzo will last the lifetime of your building, and most terrazzo floors last at least 40 years without needing refinishing. DFW Airport, Parkland Hospital, Dallas Baptist University and the City of Dallas’ Hensley Field Operations Center are four of the latest North Texas community landmarks to install this environmentally friendly flooring.


EnviroTRAZ recycled glass and porcelain Terrazzo is one of the easiest flooring systems to maintain. Because glass has no porosity, a sealer is not required. For maintenance details, click here.


Just as appealing as the floor’s 40+ year life cycle is its exquisite beauty. EnviroTRAZ offers total color customization and endless design possibilities. Post-use glass chip options include clear, flint, mirror, blue, green, amber, tinted plate, and several variety mixtures. DFW International Airport’s Terminal C is replete with exquisite and colorful handcrafted recycled glass Terrazzo mosaics. When light hits the surface, each translucent glass piece becomes a shimmering, tiny prism. Click here for the DFW photo gallery.

Cost Efficiency

Schools, hospitals, airports, libraries and other similar buildings are community icons built to last 40, 60 and even 80 years. Because maintenance costs are the most expensive factor in the life of a finish, and since Terrazzo’s maintenance costs are so low, over a 40 year period, epoxy Terrazzo is the only major finish option under $1 per square foot. Click here to read more about the cost effectiveness of EnviroTRAZ recycled glass and porcelain Terrazzo.

Health and Safety

Cured EnviroTRAZ is inert, offering excellent indoor air quality. Since poured in place Terrazzo is seamless, there is no grout involved, and therefore no place for mildew or mold to grow. EnviroTRAZ also provides a smooth but not slippery finish, providing for smooth rolling of wheelchairs and decreased tripping hazard. Click here to read more about the health and safety benefits of EnviroTRAZ.


Browse our onlineto see over 100 existing designs.
There are several options to choose from in each of 22 standard resin colors. If you find one you like, just enter the code on the sample order page.

Many professionals request a complete set of samples. Because EnviroGLAS products are so customized, it is impossible to provide a full line of samples. However, for a reasonable cost, we can provide a box of seven samples representing the range of possibilities or you can create your own box of seven samples from our Sample Gallery. Custom samples for poured in place terrazzo projects are ordered through the local terrazzo installer. Please call or email us for more information. Click here to order a sample box.

For an estimate on a local project, please visit the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association website to find a local applicator.


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