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Energy Film Improves Window Conservation Performance

Energy Film uses Nanoparticle Technology to provide low cost solution for improving window performance.

The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that on average, 71% of solar heat gain in the summer and 49% of heat loss in the winter is at the window, creating a significant strain on the structure’s heating and cooling systems.

Energy Film is a new technology made with nano-particles that can be easily applied to windows. It is a thin layer of film that effectively fights solar heat gain in the summer and retains heat in the winter. There are two Energy Film purchase options; Energy Film  75 (transparent) and Energy Film  40 (tinted).

Energy Film 75 blocks 70% of heat producing infrared radiation and blocks 97% of harmful UV radiation. Energy Film 40 blocks 81% of heat producing infrared radiation, and blocks 98% of harmful UV radiation which causes fading and deterioration of flooring, fabric, wall-hangings, and furniture.

Energy Film:

  • Has the best ROI of any performance film.

  • Both allow a generous amount of visible light
  • Is easily applied to clean windows by using only water and a little soap
  • Energy Film rejects 48% of summer heat gain at the window
  • Balances temperature in the room
  • Causes the space to heat up 15% faster and stay warm 10% longer during 
  • Reduces the strain on heating and cooling systems

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