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21 inch Waterbroom - Heavy Duty
Stock Number:  HDI 21
Weight:  12 lb

This new water saving technology, using a combination of air and water pressure, cleans and removes dust, dirt, food spills, leaves litter, sawdust and bird droppings from concrete, asphalt, aggregate or any other composition surface.

Use on:
Construction job sites, restaurant floors, mats, waste disposal areas, garage floors, tennis courts, driveways, common areas of hotels and motels, patios, pool decks, school sidewalks, parking lots, playgrounds, outdoor basketball courts, fire station bays, airplane hangers, food processing plants, entryways or any area that is now cleaned using a hose and nozzle, power washer or similar device.

Cleans Faster:
Users tell us that labor is reduced by as much as 75% when compared to cleaning with using a garden hose, power washer or broom.
Reduces Liability: Washes and dries in minutes.
Exceptional Water Savings: Uses as little as 2.0 G.P.M. vs. a hose and nozzle that uses 8 to
18 G.P.M. Uses less than 1 1/2 tablespoons of water per square foot at normal walking speed.
Easy to Use: Anyone can operate this lightweight, effortless water broom. The air and water pressure do all the work.

Rugged Construction:
Heavy gauge, 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum construction, built to Schedule 80 Standards, with solid brass jets and fittings, featuring Parker industrial hose quick connect. (Comes with additional quick connect and 2nd insulated handle grip). Use with hot water to quickly remove grease and grime.

Warranty: Full 5 - year warranty
on parts and labor.

Use Waterbroom with

HDI 21 Inch
HDI 31 Inch
HDI 36 Inch
HDI 46 Inch
(Patent US 7,063,281 B2.)

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