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Book- Marketing Green Buildings: Guide for Engineering, Construction & Architecture
Stock Number:  0569
Weight:  2 lb

by Jerry Yudelson

Engineers, architects and contractors seeking to expand their involvement in the green buildings market need a firm grounding in the marketing strategies and tactics which are being used most successfully in this specialized and growing field. This book is intended to serve as an effective tool for professional green building enthusiasts and advocates in presenting green design features, sustainable strategies and new products to the potential green building client. The author addresses key questions such as: How is green building marketing different from other types of professional service marketing. What tools and techniques from conventional marketing can be used to greater effect in marketing green buildings. What is the size and potential of the green buildings market. And how should a firm position itself to succeed in this growing marketplace. You'll find clear descriptions of successful strategies and approaches to marketing and selling green building-related services, as well as up-to-date information on the role of LEED in green building projects.


1 - Introduction
2 - Today's Green Building Market
3 - Industry Growth to Date
4 - Forecasting Demand for Green Buildings
5 - The Business Case for Green Buildings
6 - Experiences of Green Marketing
7 - Vertical Markets for Green Buildings
8 - Demand for Green Building Measures
9 - Understanding Marketing Strategies
10 - Understanding Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning & Differentiation
11 - Selling Green Buildings
12 - Marketing Green Developments
13 - Looking to the Future: Sustainable Engineering Design
14 - Marketing Services for LEED-EB Projects
15 - Marketing Services for LEED CI Projects
16 - Marketing Services for Future LEED Products
17 - The Role of the Professional Eningeering Energy Star®
18 - Forecasts of Demand for LEED Projects
19 - The People Problem in Marketing Professional Services
Appendix, Index

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